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  1. Estimating
    The first step in successfully managing project costs is to develop an accurate estimate.
    At SDT Cost Management we assist clients in all aspects of estimate development, supporting funding decisions and providing the basis for project budget development. Our services include: • Estimate planning • Work Breakdown Structure development • Estimate preparation • Estimate reviews • Benchmarking
  2. Project Controls
    We recognize the link between the estimate, budget and schedule and implement a holistic approach to cost and schedule development and management.
    SDT Cost Management utilises industry standard practices to help your projects maintain control of the project costs, such as: • Budget and work package setup • Project Accounting • Cost recording and reporting • Cost Forecasting • Earned Value Management
  3. Procurement & Contract Management
    An essential part of controlling project costs and schedule is developing and managing good purchase orders and contracts.
    There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to procurement. It is important to understand the various procurement and contract types and their suitable applications. We have experience with various forms of standard and bespoke contracts. We provide services tailored to your project, including: • Develop procurement and contracting strategy • Equipment and materials purchasing • Construction bids preparation and award • Construction contract management • Change management • Contract close out
  4. Quantity Surveying
    In order to accurately estimate, manage contracts and forecast final costs, installed quantities at site should be regularly recorded.
    It is the Quantity Surveyor’s responsibility to regularly measure key quantities at site and provide information for interim payments, productivity calculations and forecasting. SDT Cost Management applies industry standards such as those of the RICS and/or the AACEi to perform quantity reviews on a once off basis to assist with re-forecasting efforts or on a regular basis to provide input for interim payments or regularly productivity calculations and forecasting.
  5. Procedure Development & Process Improvement
    Although every project is unique, it is important to maintain standard Estimating and Project controls methodologies across projects.
    Standard methodologies provide a platform to compare performance across projects and to develop benchmarking data for future projects. At SDT Cost Management we help your company maintain standard methodologies through: • Procedure development • Procedure audits • Identifying process improvements • Workflow development
  6. Third Party Review & Audits
    Owners often undertake third party reviews, either as part of their project stage-gate process, to secure financing or to troubleshoot projects.
    These reviews can range from high level sense checks to in depth reviews of cost and schedule. At SDT Cost Management our extensive experience in the construction industry provides an ideal platform to perform reviews and audits. We work with your team to understand your needs and key concerns and perform audits tailored to your needs.
  7. Training
    On occasion companies require training for existing staff to either broaden their experience or to educate in a specific discipline.
    At SDT Cost Management we work with your firm to identify your training needs and develop training materials unique to your company. We provide training in all aspects of Project Controls and Contract Management.
  8. Project Management
    Effective project management is key for successful projects. The project manager provides leadership to in order to create a cohesive teams.
    SDT Cost Management has extensive experience within the industry and applies the processes and techniques of the Project Management Institute to provide our clients with effective project management leadership.
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