About Us
SDT Cost management is a consultancy firm specializing in project controls and procurement within the construction industry.  Our experience spans across various construction sectors, including:
  • Mining
  • Clean Energy (Solar and Wind)
  • Nuclear
  • Biochemical
  • Commercial Construction
  • Office Refurbishments
  • Retail facilities
  • Power Transmission & Distribution
We provide services tailored to your company and project's individual needs.



Sorina du Toit
Sorina is a versatile and experienced Project Services Specialist with twenty years global experience and a track record of proven success in planning, estimating, developing and maintaining budgets, contract management, and procurement. She has local as well as international experience in the retail, infrastructure, mining, clean energy, nuclear, transmission and distribution, and biochemical sectors. 
She is a respected public speaker that regularly presents on various topics within the industry and also serves as a board member on the Canadian Association for Consulting Quantity Surveyors.

SDT Cost Management is proud to be affiliated with the following organisations

Tamkali Limited - Key business partner
Canadian Association for Consulting Quantity Surveyors - Member
Intermantion Cost Measurement Standard - Registered Partner

Our Vision

Our Values

Our values forms the backbone of how we manage our projects and treat our clients.
We will always act with integrity, no matter the consequence
We will use our extensive experience in the industry to provide quality products and services to our clients
Efficient Execution
We will employ industry standards and our knowledge to efficiently execute projects
Our vision is to assist you, our clients in the planning, execution and control of projects to ensure a product that is delivered on time, at the right cost and at superior quality
Helping you meet  your project needs